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About Zloadr :

Zloadr is a due diligence wallet that offers low fees & rewards when users deposit our utility token (ZDR) and other cryptocurrencies into their dedicated wallets.As a Zloadr app user, you will be able to enjoy services and benefits when you hold different types of cryptocurrencies in your wallets at any give time.
Zloadr is a global exchange and wallet (500+ currencies) for the best, ICOs, PreICOs tokens, Airdrops and Bounties.
Note:ZDR tokens Already Listed on Coingecko .

Requirements : 


Step-by-Step Guide :

  1.  Start Telegram Bot
  2.  Verify Captcha
  3.  Join Telegram Group
  4. Join Telegram Channel
  5.  Follow Twitter
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Current Airdrops in ZLOADR :
1. DocTailor Airdrop
2. ZUM Airdrop
3. BitBall Airdrop
4. Pahoo

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