YottaChain Airdrop

icon-gift Token value: $1.00

 icon-money  Estimate value: 10 YTA

 icon-group Referral:  N/A

 icon-group Max.participants:N/A

 icon-briefcase  Platform: ETH

 icon-globe Website

About YottaChain

YottaChain is redefining blockchain storage. By connecting decentralized storage resources, it forms a self-healing scale of global shared unified storage pool, and ensures everyone’s data sovereignty, storage efficiency and reliable data.

BiUP is airdropping 10 YTA tokens for easy social tasks. 

Step-by-Step Guide :

  1. Register an account on BiUP here.
  2. Verify your mail and login.
  3. Join BiUP on Telegram.
  4. Follow YottaChain and BiUP on Twitter.
  5. Retweet this Tweet.
  6. Submit your details in this Airdrop form.
  7. You will get 10 YTA tokens.

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