Uncharted Airdrop
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Uncharted Airdrop

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Uncharted is a metaverse game that hails human’s exploration of the ocean and unknown continents.

As the metaverse coin circulating in Uncharted, UNC can be used to trade, buy, stake, and rent various NFT properties. Meanwhile, players may use UNC to run DAO beyond the game and govern Uncharted together.

? End: April 6th, 2022

⏳ Distribution Date: Apr 8th, 2022

value $50,000
Tokens 5000 NFT
Refferal Yes
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Go to the airdrop page


Complete all the tasks 


 Submit your wallet address


 5000 NFT, $50k total worth split among 5000 random winners

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