SimbCoin Airdrop
  • Platform ERC20

SimbCoin Airdrop

SimbCoin is a project offering hotel and real estate investment opportunities focused on a sector booming in Africa: tourism.
SimbCoin is managed by Global Investment Trading. GIT is made up of more than 8,000 crypto-investors, members in more than 55 countries in the world, with 7 representation head offices (Senegal, Togo, Burkina-Faso, Uganda, Madagascar, Dubai and Cameroon).

The total supply of SMB is 150,000,000 tokens.

Distribution of airdrop tokens: directly to your balance on SimbCoin platform within 1 month after the end of the airdrop campaign.

value $7.00
Token 7 SMB
Refferal 2 SMB

Step by step guide


Enter the Telegram bot and Pass Captcha


Join a Telegram group = 1 SMB (mandatory task)


Register on the platform = 3 SMB (mandatory task)


Subscribe to a YouTube channel and watch any 1 video = 3 SMB (optional task)


Earn 2 SMB (≈$2) per each referred person (optional task)

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