SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop

SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop


icon-gift Token value: 150 FREE tokens

 icon-money  Estimate value: $3.00

 icon-group Referral: 50 FREE

 icon-group Max.participants:N/A

 icon-briefcase  Platform: SDAT Wallet


 icon-globe Website

About SDAT SDA Entrepreneur :


SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop Program will show you how to start a blockchain business easily on SDChain. You will receive 150 FREE tokens – worth $3 USD, for taking this tour and 50 FREE for referrals. Get to know the complete process from A to Z: how to issue tokens, build a support team for your project, crowdfund from sponsors, get listed on SDAT Exchange, get technical DApp and IoT support from SDChain developers community.

Step-by-Step Guide :

1. Start SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop Bot .
2. Join one of our 12 Telegram groups .
3. Check out SDAT Exchange Youtube Video.
4. Create an account on SDAT Exchange .
5. Follow SDAT Twitter.
6. Like Facebook
7. Learn DIYO (Do-It-Yourself-Offering) Basics .
8. Learn how SDChain Battle Camps help inubate your project idea.
9. Learn how to crowdfund on SDChain Supply Line Crowdfunding Platform.
10. Learn how SDAT members sponsor projects.
11. Learn how SDChain Co-Chain technology can help your blockchain project.
12. Refer more friends to learn about what they can do with SDChain!

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