PayProtocol Airdrop
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PayProtocol Airdrop

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Pay Protocol is a simple and convenient cryptocurrency payment platform for both e-commerce and retail use. It is a cryptocurrency project supported by Danal, a payment company based in South Korea.
By combining Danal’s 20 years of experience in payments with blockchain technology, Pay Protocol aims to mitigate the pain points of traditional payment systems, mainly excessive intermediary processes and high fees caused by them and slow payment schedules.

PayProtocol is giving $5.00 worth PCI to 100 winners

Event Period: 04-27 6.00 AM UTC ~ 05-10 6.00AM UTC

value $5.00
Token N/A
Refferal N/A
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


 Join their Telegram chatroom


Follow their official Twitter 


Fill the google form and answer the quiz 


You can find the answer to  the quiz on their website, and Telegram chatroom


$5.00 worth PCI to 100 winners

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