Native Alien Airdrop
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Native Alien Airdrop

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NativeAlien is a next-generation on chain liquidity provider, which leverages the about NativeAlien algorithm to provide pure on

? Contract address: 0x0fb3b8495624d5727714313bf9cd13ef10874e7a
? Network: Binance Smart Chain
? Token Name: NativeAlien
? Symbol: NALIEN
? Decimals: 18

End date : September 10th

value N/A
Token 200,000,000 NALIEN
Refferal yes
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Go to the airdrop page


Open Airdrop On DAPP ( Trust or Metamask )


Click on Airdrop => Claim Airdrop => Connect => Approve


Add custom token in your wallet


You can find the instruction on Telegram channel

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