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JUST is a aims to build a fair, decentralized financial system that provides stable coin lending, and governance mechanisms for users around the world.

JUST Also is a two-token system.

The first token, USDJ is a stable coin pegged to the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio and is generate by collateralizing TRX via JUST’s CDP portal.

JST, the second token,  can be used for paying interest, platform maintenance, participating in governance through voting, and other activities on the JUST platform.

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Step by step guide


Hold a minimum of 100 TRX in your private wallet or an exchange supporting this airdrop.


A snapshot will be taken on May 20th, 2020 at 00:00 UTC and an initial airdrop of 217,800,000 JST will be given away.


The airdrop will continue for the next two and a half years with a snapshot happening on the 20th of every month at 00:00 UTC.


There’s no manual claim required to receive the rewards.


Exchanges and wallets that have announced support for the airdrop are among others HotbitBiKiPoloniex, and Atomic Wallet.


For more information regarding the airdrop see this post.

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