GamerHash Airdrop By CoinDeal
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GamerHash Airdrop By CoinDeal

CoinDeal and GamerHash play together. So, play and win prizes from a $15000 pool, Spent $15000 on Spotify, Netflix, and games on Steam.

Register on GamerHash and earn $5.00 for completing airdrop tasks and get $1 for each referral that fills in the mandatory tasks

Prizes: 13500$ in GUSD + 1500$ in BTC
Form of rewards: recharging in GUSD (GamerHash platform)

The opportunity to use the prize:

  • keep it in your account
  • to spend it at the GamerHash store like Spotify, Netflix, games on Steam, and many more.
value $5.00
Token 13500 GUSD
Refferal $1
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Chat with GamerHash airdrop bot 


Join GamerHash Telegram group  (mandatory)


Create an account on GamerHash (no KYC, mandatory)


Follow the GamerHash Twitter and CoinDeal Twitter  and retweet the tweet about GamerHash promotion with #GamerHashxCoinDeal (mandatory)


You must provide your email address. Remember: it must be the same address, which was used for the sign up on GamerHash 


You will earn $5.00 for completing airdrop tasks


Also earn $1.00 for each referral that fills in the mandatory tasks


Your prize will be awarded to your GamerHash account about 2 weeks after the Bot is closed

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