EJECT Airdrop
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EJECT Airdrop

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EJECT is a platform where investors meet new alt-coin projects in a Kickstarter type crowdfunding platform. This project is set to disrupt the altcoin and memcoin market as it exists today. A real use case project after months with a 1000x potential. Currently 1550 holders and $500,000 market cap. Launched 4 days ago. Find out more at https://eject.space

value N/A
Token 10 Billion EJECT
Refferal 10 Billion EJECT
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Start the airdrop Bot 


Follow the steps in the airdrop bot 


You will earn 10 Billion EJECT


Also get 10 Billion EJECT for each referral 

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