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Dogepark AIRDROP

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IPO Mining—As Dogepark’s pioneering product, IPO (Initial Park Offering) has carried out many innovations. In many previous whitelist models, users would participate in a series of activities on the platforms, while unfortunately they would fail to become the lucky ones, which is very frustrating. This is also how people lose their enthusiasm and retreat. Here at Dogepark, however, we believe that each action from the users is worth encouraging, and for this very reason, Dogepark pioneered the IPO whitelist mining method, in which as long as the users participate in the whitelist activity, regardless of whether they win the ticket or not, they will be rewarded by our platform’s $DP token in accordance with the rules; and of course, our IPO mining will be held in a variety of forms, and all effective IPO actions in the future will get $DP rewards.

value $ 7.5
Token 50 Dp
Refferal 50 Dp
Max.participants N/A

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Go to the airdrop page


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Retweet our Pinned Tweet and tag 3 friends using hashtag #Dogepark $DP #BSC #Airdrop #Giveaway #IDO #DeFi


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