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Dogecoin Cash

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Dogecoin Cash was created as an environmentally-friendly, noninflationary, DeFi-based alternative to Dogecoin Core. Available on the Binance Smart Chain network, $DOG can be traded on decentralized exchanges, staked, and stored in a variety of BEP-20 compatible wallets. Instead of mining, Dogecoin Cash is earned by sharing content on Tipestry, rewarding people for creating value instead of wasting energy with the Proof of Work protocol used byNEW legacy cryptocurrencies.

value N/A
Token 500 DOG
Refferal N/A
Max.participants 500

Step by step guide


Follow Dogecoin Cash on Twitter 


Join the Tipestry Telegram group 


Create an account and verify your email address at Tipestry 


Like and retweet the airdrop tweet 


Tweet about Dogecoin Cash with the hashtags $DOG #DeFi #Dogecoincash.


500 lucky winners will receive 500 DOG, and participants who did not win will receive 100 DOG


Optional: current Dogecoin Core holders can receive up to 100 bonus DOG by also entering their DOGE address


Fill the airdrop form

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