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DNA Bounty

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About DNA  :

Running parallel to the Metaverse ETP chain, the DNA blockchain will facilitate extremely high transactions per second and Lightning channels making use of the pre-existing relationships between nodes.
DNA will support advanced decentralized applications and exchanges, and make extensive use of Oracles to bring real-world data on-chain. Metaverse Smart Tokens and Avatars will be supported across both chains.

DNA reserve up to $5,000 in DNA tokens of the project — distributed as follows:
80% of DNA bounty tokens pool ($4000) for the main bounty campaign tasks
20% of DNA bounty tokens pool ($1000) for extra short-terms contests and raffles in the frame of this bounty program.

All bounty participants will receive DNA points. In the end, all gained points will be converted into real DNA tokens to be credited into bounty participants’ Metaverse wallets. Get your MVS wallet address here >>>

DNA already trades in BTC/ETH/USDT at rightbtc

For more information about bounty visit Bitcointalk Thread

Requirements : 


Step-by-Step Guide :

  1.  Join DNA Telegram  
  2.  Follow them on Twitter .
  3. Create three custom tweets per week and get up to 6 DNA points for your activity (2 DNA per action). All tweets must include the following hashtags:
    #Dualchain #mvsdna #blockchain #cryptocurrency #DPoS #dapps.
  4. Like and retweet the official Metaverse tweets and get 2 points/retweet.
    The more tweets are made, the more points are to be credited to a member.
  5. Write up to 2 comments per week under official Metaverse DNA tweets and get 6 DNA points (2 per comment)
  6. You must submit all your weekly tweets.likes and comments links here on this thread every Tuesday in following format:
    Your Bitcointalk Username
    Your Twitter Username
    Link of your tweets
    Link of your retweets
    Link of your Likes
    Links of your comments
  7. Create Metaverse wallets
  8. Submit your details to the Bounty form.

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