Cryptoknowmics Airdrop

icon-gift Token value: N/A

 icon-money  Estimate value:UP to $25.000

 icon-group Referral: 100 Points

 icon-group Max.participants:N/A

 icon-briefcase  Platform: ETH


 icon-globe Website

About Cryptoknowmics


Cryptoknowmics is the world’s first decentralized media platform to motivate its ecosystem, from UK projects, with a strong team background. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all in one solution for information and services for the industry.

Step-by-Step Guide :

  1. Go to the Ckm airdrop page
  2.  Register website and verify email.
  3.  Join Ckm Telegram group .(100 piont)
  4.  Follow Ckm on Twitter.(100 piont)
  5. Like Ckm on Facebook .(100 piont)
  6.  Follow Ckm on Instagram .(100 piont)
  7.  Complete other tasks and get 1800 points.
  8.  Submit ETH address and details.
  9. Earn 100 Points per referral.

Note:Get a minimum of 1000 points,Minimum $5 token per person and get up to $25,000 worth of Tokens.The more points, the more tokens.
For more  information visit cryptoknowmics AIRDROP CAMPAIGN .

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