icon-gift Token value:  850 BRIK

 icon-money Estimate value: $10.00

 icon-group Referral: 175 BRIK

 icon-group Max.participants:N/A

 icon-briefcase  Platform: Own Wallet



 icon-globe Website


BRIKCOIN is a revolutionary investment model which brings together blockchain technology and real estate investment and provides high liquidity and low risk.

BRIKCOIN is airdropping 850 BRIK tokens to the airdrop participants. Complete the simple social tasks, create an account at BRIKCOIN and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive the tokens. Also get 175 BRIK for each referral.

Requirements : 


Step-by-Step Guide :

  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2. Pass the verification from the bot.
  3. Join their Telegram group. (mandatory, +50 BRIK)
  4. Create an account at BRIKCOIN. (mandatory, +50 BRIK)
  5. Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet any one of their tweets. (optional, +120 BRIK)
  6. Like their Facebook page, like and share any one of their posts. (optional, +120 BRIK)
  7. Follow them on Instagram and like any 3 posts. (optional, +160 BRIK)
  8. Follow them on LinkedIn and share one post. (optional, +200 BRIK)
  9. Subscribe to their YouTube channel, watch and like one video. (optional, +150 BRIK)
  10. Submit your details to the bot.
  11. You will get a total of 850 BRIK tokens.
  12. Also get 175 BRIK for each referral

Follow us on  Twitter, And join our  Telegram channel,  to receive new airdrops !