BirdSwap Token Airdrop
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BirdSwap Token Airdrop

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BirdSwap is an exchange-centered AMM. BirdSwap offers various services that support decentralized trading on the Polygon/Matic Network and solve the liquidity problem of other projects on Polygon. BirdSwap is giving away a total of 20,000 BIRD token through a contest to 3,000 users.  First 1,000 users will receive 10 $BIRD each. Follow our simple step by step guide to join the contest!

1,000 users will  receive 10 $BIRD each

2,000 random users will share 10,000 $BIRD

value N/A
Token 20,000 $BIRD
Refferal N/A
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Join BirdSwap Telegram channel


Follow BirdSwap on Twitter and retweet this tweet with Quote and mention @ 3 friend


Submit your details


Complete all tasks to increase your winning chance!

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