Bank of Memories
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Bank of Memories

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BANK OF MEMORIES helps you in creating your own digital copy, accumulating, and transferring data for inheritance. This is where your past, present, and future will meet.

Distribution date: Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your app and BTC Alpha account after you complete the tasks.

value $10.5
Token 30 GBM
Refferal 0,99 GBM
Max.participants N/A

Step by step guide


Start with the Airdrop bot for Bank of Memories 


Download the Bank of Memories on Google Play or App Store.


 Join Bank of Memories Telegram group & Telegram channel.


Follow Bank of Memories Twitter account and retweet post about the airdrop.


Create an account on the BTC Alpha exchange and complete the KYC.


Vote for Bank of Memories on BTC Alpha.


Enter your information to the airdrop bot.

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